The following is the lineup of keynote speakers for the 2024 Annual Conference. Additional speaker details coming soon!


Zonya Foco

Celebrity Nutritionist Zonya Foco is one of the most exciting, inspiring, vital and unforgettable speakers in America. Known as America’s Nutrition Leader, Zonya is the host of Zonya’s Health Bites, her weekly half-hour show that has aired across the nation on Public Television for over a decade. She is the author of the "fastest way to healthy" Lickety-Split Meals and Eat REAL cookbooks, as well as numerous life-changing online courses and videos on her YouTube channel. Her high energy crossed with low maintenance solutions makes healthy living fun and doable for all. Learn more at

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Jeff Havens

Jeff Havens is not your typical business growth expert. His uncanny ability to provide actionable answers to today’s business challenges in an undeniably entertaining and impactful way has put him in front of thousands of eager audiences across North America and Asia. Delivering well-researched and relevant business insight is something a lot of keynote speakers do, but combining that with the entertainment value of a comedy show is not. Engaging, charismatic, and full of energy, Jeff Havens is the only business growth expert who provides serious solutions in a seriously funny way.

In addition to delivering thousands of wildly entertaining keynote presentations, Jeff is also a successful entrepreneur, having built a multi-million dollar training company from the ground up using his transformative approach to business and engaging content delivery style. His training website, Levity University, offers over 400 microlearning courses and reaches over 500,000 learners every year.

Jeff has made appearances on Fox Business and CNBC, and he's published hundreds of articles in The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur magazine, Fast Company, and dozens of other publications.

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Justin Jones-Fosu

Justin Jones-Fosu is the embodiment of energy, both at home as a dedicated father to two spirited children and atop the world's highest peaks, having recently conquered one of the famed 7 Summits. But Justin's passion for elevation doesn't end with trekking, it's mirrored in his professional ascent as a captivating business speaker, innovative social entrepreneur, and insightful workplace researcher.

At the helm of Work. Meaningful., Justin is the driving force and CEO behind a movement that empowers organizations across the globe, delivering over 50 keynote addresses a year on the pivotal topics of meaningful work and inclusion. His mission is to ignite a transformation in corporate culture, guiding organizations and individuals to ascend to their peak potential through mastery of mindset, purpose, and performance.

Justin is not only a pathfinder in the wilderness but also in the literary world, authoring essential reads such as "Your WHY Matters NOW," "The Inclusive Mindset," and his latest thought-provoker, “I Respectfully Disagree: How to have Difficult Conversations in a Divided World.” His work is a compass for those seeking direction on creating connections in an often-fragmented society.

With a flair for infusing humor into his well-researched content, Justin doesn't just give a speech; he crafts an experience, leaving his audience not just informed but transformed. His approach is not merely to inform but to inspire, not just to direct but to make a difference.

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Ben Whiting

Ben Whiting achieved international success as an award-winning magician and mind-reader by creating an atmosphere on stage where the impossible was possible and where human connection had no limits. As an entertainer, he’s performed in over 30 countries, had multiple television appearances, and his clients include the likes of Crystal Cruises, Oprah’s HARPO studios, and Facebook.

Recognizing his passion for helping others in their careers and day-to-day lives, Ben began focusing on keynote speaking and leadership development in 2014. Shortly after delivering his first TEDx talk, he was hired by an international leadership development firm to create and deliver content around the globe. His consulting clients have included international companies like UNiDAYS, as well as Fortune 50 corporations such as Schlumberger.

Today, Ben combines his backgrounds in leadership development and corporate entertainment to help organizations create cultures that can achieve the impossible (while having A LOT of fun). He’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the New York Times, and his clients include Apple, Google, American Express, and Amazon.

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